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How To Overcome Depression : A Closer Look at Your Options

There are a lot of ways through which your depression can be overcome. It is not just about medication and treatment. There is a lot more than that. It takes a lot of will power and effort from your side.

You Can Learn How To Overcome Depression.

Begin To Feel Depressed

First Step Should Be To Focus On

Reasonable Amount Of Sleep

Stress Busting Meditation

Eat Foods Regularly

Beware Of Rumination

One of the biggest reasons for depression is putting in a lot of thought into something.

Exercise Regularly

Indulging in some exercise or some physical activity will definitely help you a lot to get over depression.

Practice Mindfulness

Make it a point not to think about your dark past because there are possibilities that it might affect your mindset.

Bide Your Time

If you are preparing a schedule make sure that you stick on to it and abide by it.

Connect With Friends

Connecting with friends is one of the easiest and the best ways to get rid of depression.

Don’t Give Up

Things might not work the way you planned. But it is necessary not to give up for reaching the ultimate goal.

You should also know…

If you are indulging in the process of getting over depression, there are a lot of things that you should know. Do not jump into conclusions based on assumptions.

Stress Buster Blog

Cheering Up An Office On Blue Monday

People refer to Blue Monday as the most depressing and laziest day of the year, but I say it doesn’t have to be like that. You can treat the day just like any other and make it your own. So many people go out of their way to do something special and exhaust themselves in doing so. There is nothing wrong in trying to have some fun, but why that specific day? Why not put so much effort any other day? If your peers and colleagues are also affected by Blue Monday then here are a few tips to make them feel better and even make yourself feel better in the process. Get everyone some sweet treats, like M&Ms or Hershey’s. Even a cake will work. Surprise them with something sweet and watch their faces light up. See if you can reduce your workload that particular day and have some fun at the office. Encourage the staff to take a break where all of you can talk and get inspired. Some people feel more productive when they have had a little break from all that pressure which would be pulling them down. You all can gather around and talk about your favorite movies like Avengers and Godzilla, or your beloved TV shows like Game Of Thrones and Modern Family. These are some topics that can get you energized and will surely lift your spirits. What depresses people more than they already are on a Blue Monday? An office filled with people who are wearing grey and black clothes. You can all discuss this, a couple of days in advance and wear bright colors. Having an office where everyone is wearing bright and happy colors is definitely going to brighten up peoples spirits. Another heartwarming way to cheer up an office of people is to have a pizza party. Order some pizzas as a surprise for everyone and when the pizzas arrive tell your staff to play some fun games while everyone is eating. Everyone loves pizza, and this can undoubtedly make everyone happy to be at work on Blue Monday. If you work at an office where you can play music, then do so. Take the music control and play some uplifting music that will get everyone feeling upbeat. Play the music intermittently so that you don’t end up disturbing too many people. This can and will surely boost up the vibes in the office and cheer everyone up. Blue Monday can be a bit of a dreary problem only if you let it. Don’t let it control your day; don’t let it bring you down. Be happy with what you have and try your best to make it a day that you’re happy to get through.

What Is Blue Monday?

Blue Monday is the name given to a day in the month of January which is typically the third Monday of the month and is deemed to be the most depressing day of the year. Hence the name ‘Blue Monday’. This first became a publically acknowledged concept in the year 2005. It accounts weather information and actually only applies in the northern hemisphere of the planet. Anyhow, Mondays are indeed the least favourite day of the week for anyone who works a 9-5 job. The reason would be because it is the first day back to work after a 2 day weekend of lazing around and maybe going out and having fun with your peers. Even people who like their job can have Monday blues. Blue Monday is considered the worst Monday of them all. As stated above it falls in January, by this time the majority of people would have broken their resolutions and will be wallowing in self-pity.
But hey, it doesn’t have to be so bleak, there are ways to boost your mood and ensure the happiness and joy from your weekend isn’t murdered by Monday. Here are some things you can do: -    Take the day off if you can. Call in sick at work, ask your friends to do the same, so all of you can go on a small trip or spend the day doing fun things, you can go out for brunch, bar hopping, etc. whatever makes you guys happy. -    If you can’t get off work, you should compliment the ones around you; when you compliment someone, they will definitely say something nice to you in return which will lift up your spirits. Spreading happiness will obliterate the Blue Monday. -    Reconnect with some people who you haven’t spoken to in a while. It is all too easy to get caught up in our own busy lives and forget to stay in touch with some people who do indeed mean a lot to us. Sometimes schedules don’t match up, so you don’t talk and meet. But on this day you should text/call those who you miss and ask if they’re free to meet up after work. Express that you miss them, you’ve already certainly made their day. In today’s life it is all too easy to leave people with unexpressed feelings, so don’t be the one to do that. -    You should try and start your day by being thankful for everything you have. It is very easy to see someone who has a lot more than you and feel bad but rarely do we humans actually feel grateful for everything we have. Be happy about your health, be satisfied with all the friends and family you have who love you. And most of all be happy about the experiences in life that shape you up to the person you are.
Family’s Spirits

Activities That Will Lift Up Yours And Your Family’s Spirits

Blue Monday is considered to be one of the most depressing days in the year. It falls on the third Monday of the month. It is indeed pivotal to stay optimistic and do some things that make you feel happy. Some outdoor activities which prove to be adventurous can lift up those blue spirits. Grab your favourite family members who you have the most fun with, ask them to do the same and head out. Ask everyone to blurt out a fun idea, something that flashes their mind. Then you choose one, one that you think would be the best enjoyment for everyone. If none of you are able to come up with fun ideas, here are a few things that you should totally have everyone do. Build your own kites and drive to a meadow or a wide open space with a lot of windy areas and fly them. The feeling of flying kites is supposed o be thrilling and rewarding and has some stress-busting features as well. So do give it a chance. When you are done, you can all have a nice picnic on a hill overlooking the beautiful horizon. You can play charades, truth or dare or whichever game that comes to mind. It will soon get dark, and when it finally does, you can enjoy your magnificent night by lying on a blanket with loved ones and gazing at the stars that twinkle in the night sky. Stargazing can be incredibly relaxing and can give you opportunities to spot many ranges of constellations. Another idea to get through Blue Monday is to go on a bike ride, to the outskirts of your town, where there’s no pollution or car honks anywhere at all. Once you successfully ride out, try and find a natural environment where you can swim. A beautiful swim in a serene lake or gentle stream is undoubtedly the best way to brighten up your day. You will surely feel energised and refreshed. Go hike on a steep hill and set up camp on top of it. You will definitely have some stunning views and have some well needed alone time. You should challenge your friends to a running race and place some bets based on who would win. It gives you a chance to get your day’s workout in and also make a fun activity out of it, with friends.
Give a completely new activity a try. Learning a new activity can be incredibly fun, entertaining and inspiring. Have a go at surfing, rock climbing, skiing, etc. Be sure to be careful and take all the necessary precautions when doing so. Hopefully, you do get through Blue Monday successfully without being depressed and if you don’t, try and look at the bright side in life and be happy. It’s just a day; you will get through it.

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Beat Blue Monday is an absolute boon for people who are suffering from depression. It provides a lot of useful information which will help you get out of depression.

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