Beat Blue Monday

You can Beat Blue Monday in January...

Confused say give a cwtch for Blue Monday encourages
Twitter users to

beat the January blues
with a “cwtch”


A cwtch is for
life, not just for Blue Monday  -


  • Nine in ten Brits
    say a cuddle makes them feel happy
  • The ideal length
    of a cuddle is 5.89 seconds
  • A quarter of
    people don’t get a hug day-to-day
  • “January Blues”
    mentioned 148 times in a week by London’s Twitter users
  • Four in ten men
    give their mates a man hug


Ahead of the supposed most
depressing day of the year, Blue Monday (21 January, 2013), new research by
reveals that all people need is a hug to brighten up one’s day. In fact, 87% of
Brits say a simple cuddle would make them feel happy.


Sadly, 25% of Britons don’t
receive a cuddle day-to-day, according to the survey of 2,000 UK adults*.


biggest Cuddling Faux Pas


1) A
cuddle from someone with body odour is the biggest hugging faux pas,
according to 61% of Brits.

2) 29% say a hug from a work colleague is generally unwelcome.

of Brits say it is not ok to cuddle in public.


17% say they don’t enjoy a hug from an ex-partner.

5) 12% say a hug at the end of a first date instead of a kiss is a let-down.


People in the South West are
most in need of a hug; 34% of those polled said they usually don’t receive a
hug day-to-day followed by 30% of people in Northern Ireland and 27% of people
in Scotland . encourages Twitter users to share a cwtch


To reach out to those in
need of affection, Cardiff-based is launching an online campaign
which encourages social media users to spread a special kind of Welsh hug known
as a “cwtch” (pronounced cuch).


Meaning ‘an intentional embrace
to bring warmth and a sense of safety to those who need it’, 77% of Brits have
not heard of the word cwtch.


The campaign, which encourages
Twitter users to retweet an infographic which explains how to give a cwtch, aims to
bring this word into wider public consciousness while spreading some happiness and
warmth to beat the winter blues at the same time.


Physical contact, such as a hug, has a number of benefits.


Dr Eva Cyhlarova, Head of
Research at the Mental Health Foundation, said: “Science tells us that the need
for physical contact is present at birth and there is an innate need for human
beings to form strong affectional bonds to others. There is evidence that hugging or holding hands reduces stress, blood pressure,
and cortisol, a stress hormone. It can also produce increased attentiveness and
boost serotonin, an important neurotransmitter that fights depression and
improves mood. It of course goes without saying that both parties need to agree
and be comfortable with any contact.”


Tweeting the blues


An analysis of UK Twitter
users shows people have been taking to the social networking site throughout
the month to vent their frustration at having the “January Blues”.


“Not even One Direction could cheer up my commute this morning. I think this is
a January Blues code red.”


The campaign aims to extend
a virtual hand to those that need cheering up online.


In London, the words
“January Blues” were mentioned on Twitter 148 times in the space of one week this
month, analysis by shows.


This snapshot into the mood
of the nation shows other major cities have also been suffering from a touch of
the January Blues.


In Manchester, for example, “January Blues” was mentioned 62 times in the week 3 to 10 January and in Leeds it
was mentioned 40 times.


Example of the Tweets recorded by, based on
user locations:


  • London:
    @inspireajen “Not even One Direction could cheer up my commute this morning. I
    think this is a January Blues code red.”
  • Manchester
    : @thesmashedguy “Proper got the January blues”
  • Leeds:
    @LauraTuckwell1 “serious case of january blues”
  • Glasgow:
    @jen_gravitDefo “got a case of the january blues! #takemeaway! #needsunshine
  • Liverpool:
    @lisa_mcgrath “Think I have the January blues #fedup


Share a cwtch – Take a look at our ‘cwtch’ video and see what your day
is missing (


While the word cwtch is not
widely known outside of Wales, a quick search on Twitter shows how it’s a firm
favourite within the nation:

@NaomiNelmes94 “A cwtch wouldn’t go a miss to make this revision
more bearable”

@kelliewaltersxx “cwtchhy weather and yet no one to cwtch”

@liamowen123 “I need a cwtch” hopes people
will share its cwtch infographic online and, once they have mastered the cwtch technique,
will take their newly acquired skills “offline” to share a special hug with a
loved one.


People also have a chance to
win five warm and snuggly prizes for doing so, including a onesie, a hot
chocolate set, a hot water bottle, £50 worth of shopping
vouchers, a pair of Ugg boots, a DVD-box set and a popcorn-making machine.


Matt Lloyd, Head of Life Insurance at,

“In our digital age of social-media based relationships our campaign aims to
tap into people’s networks of friends and family online and

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