Beat Blue Monday

You can Beat Blue Monday in January...

Get Involved

To brighten up Blue Monday, the public are being urged to get involved in a range of activities taking place across the UK:

  • Share you top tips how to beat the blues – whether you have a tried and tested way of cheering yourself up or have a suggestion that will brighten up Blue Monday share your thoughts with us via the Blue Monday blog.

Whatever you’re planning to do share your images with us by uploading any pictures to the website.

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Beat ‘Blue Monday’ – the year’s symbolically most depressing day on January 18th 

Help to overcome what is labelled ‘the most depressing day of the year’ – Blue Monday on Monday January 18th  – is being made to raise both people’s spirits and vital funds for worthy causes.

With the combination of continued bad weather, unpaid bills, broken resolutions, coupled with the economic downturn, make this potentially one of the worst Blue Mondays ever.

A special campaign web site, is offering practical advice to tackle the effects of Blue Monday, the symbolic date for the low point in the year.

Blue Monday has evolved from an idea originally conceived by Cliff Arnall, formerly of Cardiff University, who created a mathematical formula to identify a number of the elements contributing to a general feeling of mid winter blues.

Advice for making you feel better during Blue Monday includes keep active, eat well, keep in touch with friends and family, care for others, do something you are good at, ask for help, accept who you are, talk about your feelings, take a break and drink sensibly.

Further help is available from the Mental Health Foundation who have produced a guide ‘How to look after your mental health’ available from

Visit for more details about how to overcome ‘Blue Monday’ and how you can do your bit to help charities. The public is also being urged to submit their own creative ideas for beating the January blues to the website.

Commenting on the Blue Monday campaign Andy Green of the Flexible Thinking Forum said: “Blue Monday may symbolically be the year’s most depressing day, but it doesn’t have to be, by making the most of potential opportunities around each of us. Blue Monday is also a time to think of others worse off and do something positive to help.”