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Blue Monday is considered to be one of the most depressing days in the year. It falls on the third Monday of the month. It is indeed pivotal to stay optimistic and do some things that make you feel happy. Some outdoor activities which prove to be adventurous can lift up those blue spirits. Grab your favourite family members who you have the most fun with, ask them to do the same and head out.

Ask everyone to blurt out a fun idea, something that flashes their mind. Then you choose one, one that you think would be the best enjoyment for everyone. If none of you are able to come up with fun ideas, here are a few things that you should totally have everyone do. Build your own kites and drive to a meadow or a wide open space with a lot of windy areas and fly them. The feeling of flying kites is supposed o be thrilling and rewarding and has some stress-busting features as well. So do give it a chance.

When you are done, you can all have a nice picnic on a hill overlooking the beautiful horizon. You can play charades, truth or dare or whichever game that comes to mind. It will soon get dark, and when it finally does, you can enjoy your magnificent night by lying on a blanket with loved ones and gazing at the stars that twinkle in the night sky. Stargazing can be incredibly relaxing and can give you opportunities to spot many ranges of constellations.

Another idea to get through Blue Monday is to go on a bike ride, to the outskirts of your town, where there’s no pollution or car honks anywhere at all. Once you successfully ride out, try and find a natural environment where you can swim. A beautiful swim in a serene lake or gentle stream is undoubtedly the best way to brighten up your day. You will surely feel energised and refreshed. Go hike on a steep hill and set up camp on top of it. You will definitely have some stunning views and have some well needed alone time.

You should challenge your friends to a running race and place some bets based on who would win. It gives you a chance to get your day’s workout in and also make a fun activity out of it, with friends.

Give a completely new activity a try. Learning a new activity can be incredibly fun, entertaining and inspiring. Have a go at surfing, rock climbing, skiing, etc. Be sure to be careful and take all the necessary precautions when doing so.

Hopefully, you do get through Blue Monday successfully without being depressed and if you don’t, try and look at the bright side in life and be happy. It’s just a day; you will get through it.

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