People refer to Blue Monday as the most depressing and laziest day of the year, but I say it doesn’t have to be like that. You can treat the day just like any other and make it your own. So many people go out of their way to do something special and exhaust themselves in doing so. There is nothing wrong in trying to have some fun, but why that specific day? Why not put so much effort any other day? If your peers and colleagues are also affected by Blue Monday then here are a few tips to make them feel better and even make yourself feel better in the process.

Get everyone some sweet treats, like M&Ms or Hershey’s. Even a cake will work. Surprise them with something sweet and watch their faces light up. See if you can reduce your workload that particular day and have some fun at the office. Encourage the staff to take a break where all of you can talk and get inspired. Some people feel more productive when they have had a little break from all that pressure which would be pulling them down. You all can gather around and talk about your favorite movies like Avengers and Godzilla, or your beloved TV shows like Game Of Thrones and Modern Family. These are some topics that can get you energized and will surely lift your spirits.

What depresses people more than they already are on a Blue Monday?

An office filled with people who are wearing grey and black clothes. You can all discuss this, a couple of days in advance and wear bright colors. Having an office where everyone is wearing bright and happy colors is definitely going to brighten up peoples spirits. Another heartwarming way to cheer up an office of people is to have a pizza party. Order some pizzas as a surprise for everyone and when the pizzas arrive tell your staff to play some fun games while everyone is eating. Everyone loves pizza, and this can undoubtedly make everyone happy to be at work on Blue Monday.

If you work at an office where you can play music, then do so. Take the music control and play some uplifting music that will get everyone feeling upbeat. Play the music intermittently so that you don’t end up disturbing too many people. This can and will surely boost up the vibes in the office and cheer everyone up.

Blue Monday can be a bit of a dreary problem only if you let it. Don’t let it control your day; don’t let it bring you down. Be happy with what you have and try your best to make it a day that you’re happy to get through.

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