Blue Monday is the name given to a day in the month of January which is typically the third Monday of the month and is deemed to be the most depressing day of the year. Hence the name ‘Blue Monday’. This first became a publically acknowledged concept in the year 2005. It accounts weather information and actually only applies in the northern hemisphere of the planet.

Anyhow, Mondays are indeed the least favourite day of the week for anyone who works a 9-5 job. The reason would be because it is the first day back to work after a 2 day weekend of lazing around and maybe going out and having fun with your peers. Even people who like their job can have Monday blues. Blue Monday is considered the worst Monday of them all. As stated above it falls in January, by this time the majority of people would have broken their resolutions and will be wallowing in self-pity.

But hey, it doesn’t have to be so bleak, there are ways to boost your mood and ensure the happiness and joy from your weekend isn’t murdered by Monday. Here are some things you can do:

–    Take the day off if you can. Call in sick at work, ask your friends to do the same, so all of you can go on a small trip or spend the day doing fun things, you can go out for brunch, bar hopping, etc. whatever makes you guys happy.

–    If you can’t get off work, you should compliment the ones around you; when you compliment someone, they will definitely say something nice to you in return which will lift up your spirits. Spreading happiness will obliterate the Blue Monday.

–    Reconnect with some people who you haven’t spoken to in a while. It is all too easy to get caught up in our own busy lives and forget to stay in touch with some people who do indeed mean a lot to us. Sometimes schedules don’t match up, so you don’t talk and meet. But on this day you should text/call those who you miss and ask if they’re free to meet up after work. Express that you miss them, you’ve already certainly made their day. In today’s life it is all too easy to leave people with unexpressed feelings, so don’t be the one to do that.

–    You should try and start your day by being thankful for everything you have. It is very easy to see someone who has a lot more than you and feel bad but rarely do we humans actually feel grateful for everything we have. Be happy about your health, be satisfied with all the friends and family you have who love you. And most of all be happy about the experiences in life that shape you up to the person you are.

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